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Carrier offers rewarding, challenging and exciting opportunities for those beginning their career. Job opportunities are available throughout our many business units and functions, along with our unparalleled, formal, two-year Leadership Programs in finance, engineering, digital technology and operations disciplines. Starting with us in one of our entry-level roles, is the best way to prepare for the next step in your career.

Internship and Co-Op Programs

With over 50,000 employees in our research & design, manufacturing and other strategic locations, we offer programs to develop your skills and build your career.

In our internship and Co-Op programs, you can spend anywhere from 10 weeks to up to 6 months learning about our industry-leading products and gain hands-on experience creating innovative solutions. You’ll work with mentors and senior engineers, who will oversee your growth and development.

Our internship and co-op's will provide practical experience in multiple engineering applications to include, but not limited to, compression, materials science, mechanical, electrical, embedded software/firmware programs, refrigeration transport, heat transfer, acoustics and indoor air quality, fire and security systems. We provide state-of-the-art labs testing multiple, revolutionary projects and the ability to work side by side with subject-matter experts and be involved on project teams. We deliver professional training and development opportunities.

Entry Level Opportunities

If you’re transitioning out of college or embarking on a new career, Carrier is positioned to be your employer of choice, as you make these life changes.  Carrier offers early career opportunities to college students, recent college graduates and those in transition.  Consider Carrier for your change.

Leadership Programs

Carrier is a leading, global provider, of innovative HVAC, refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies. Each day, the work we do redraws skylines, makes cities around the world more intelligent and sustainable, and provides food, comfort, safety and security to billions and counting. As change is in the air, for Carrier, continuing our efforts to make the world a better place to live, we need the best people and the brightest minds. That’s why we’re committed to providing opportunities to learn and grow, with programs like the Carrier Leadership Development Programs. 

Carrier Leadership Programs are designed to provide recent graduates the opportunity to join one of the largest companies in the world, with market-leading products that are everywhere on earth. These programs build on the education and add experience in different functional rotations. Whether it’s through seminars, various case studies, virtual training, or mentoring and guidance from Carrier executives or program alumni, the program is designed to stretch your capabilities and enhance your learning. 

Participants are placed into a two-year program, with three, eight-month rotations, and will work within one of Carrier’s dynamic, global business units: Carrier Corporate Headquarters, Commercial & Residential HVAC, Refrigeration and Fire & Security. 

The Digital Technology Leadership Program (DTLP), will expose you to Cybersecurity & Risk Management, Data Science & Analytics, CLOUD, Enterprise Business Systems, Infrastructure Services, Product Management, Software Development and User Experience Design.

The Finance Leadership Program (FLP), will expose high-potential candidates to the accounting, financial planning & analysis, operations, internal audit, treasury, tax and investor relations functions within our Reporting Units at World Headquarters, Commercial & Residential HVAC, Refrigeration or Fire & Safety.

The Operations Leadership Program (OLP) is designed to accelerate the development of high-potential, early career associates in Operations by giving participants exposure to the Manufacturing, Quality and Supply Management functions, through comprehensive training, challenging assignments and business strategies across Carrier business units.

The Carrier Engineering Leadership Program (ELP), is offered in two tracks; one rotational and one non-rotational. The ELP Rotational Track is designed to accelerate the development of high-potential, early career engineers, through three, eight-month rotations across Carrier business units. The program give participants exposure to Mechanical, Software, Electrical, Chemical and Systems Engineering Functions and also provides the following benefits: Rotations, Peer Networks, Training and Development and Executive Leadership Exposure. The ELP Non-Rotational Track, is a one-year program that offers hands on engineering experience in a closely mentored cohort. Through the program, associates obtain career development opportunities and exposure to leadership while continuing to develop a strong professional network. Our goal is to help early career professionals become productive and successful engineers within one year with us. Upon successful completion of either of these ELP Tracks, the program participants graduate and continue their careers at Carrier.