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Leadership in Sustainability

We are committed to protecting what matters – our people and our environment. By designing, sourcing, producing, marketing and delivering our products and services in a secure, environmentally conscious and socially responsible manner, we actively work to create a world where people can be safe and comfortable.                          

Our commitment to sustainability begins with where we work. In each of our locations, we lead with policies, processes and practices intended to create safe and sustainable environments for our entire workforce. Our green building footprint spans the globe, with 17 LEED®-certified buildings in our owned and leased portfolio.

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Goals and Performance

Our 2030 ESG goals underscore our commitment to the things that matter and to continuously challenge ourselves to think bigger and to be better. Expanding on three decades of environmental targets, we strive to be a positive catalyst for sustainable societal change as we innovate, empower our people and operate with integrity.

Health and Safety

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At Carrier, there’s nothing more important than protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and the natural environment. In keeping with The Carrier Way and our culture of continuous improvement, we’re replacing our Cardinal Rules with a new “Lead With Safety” program that includes a set of behaviors that all Carrier employees can embrace. Our 9 Safety Commitments empower our employees to stop work if any task cannot be performed safely, and support our existing EH&S program. Our program tracks the efficacy of our personal safety measures and helps reduce the frequency of incidents, upholding our 2030 commitment to maintain world-class safety metrics.

EH&S Policy and Operating System

Carrier’s Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) operating system and ongoing employee health and safety initiatives help protect our employees and ensure our compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our EH&S organization, governance and performance expectations are consistent with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management system standards.