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Adhering to our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics applies everywhere we do business. The reputation and success of Carrier ultimately depends not only upon the individual actions of our employees, but on the actions of the many parties with whom we do business. Accordingly, we expect our employees and our business partners to act at all times in a manner consistent with the values and standards set forth in our Code of Ethics. 

Beyond requiring us to comply with the law, our Code of Ethics demands that we aspire to do the right thing even when the law may permit us to do otherwise. We encourage employees and third parties to report Ethics and Compliance issues.

Carrier Integrity Line
Carrier Integrity Line offers multiple communication channels for anonymously reporting actual, suspected or potential violations of our Code of Ethics.
Global Ethics & Compliance Office

Carrier World Headquarters
ATTN: Global Ethics & Compliance Office
13995 Pasteur Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

Enterprise Risk Management

At Carrier we aim to be world-class in everything we do – including our compliance with all laws and regulations worldwide. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that Carrier’s business is conducted in compliance with these laws and with Carrier’s Code of Ethics.

Carrier’s Enterprise Risk Management assessments identify risks that may affect achievement of Carrier’s objectives and ensure appropriate management of those risks.

Anti-Corruption Initiatives

We strive every day to earn the respect of our customers and shareholders based on the quality of our products and services as well as how we do business. 

Carrier faces a wide range of business and compliance risks, including those associated with corruption. Through Carrier’s Enterprise Risk Management program, a continuous process conducted by all operating units across the corporation, we identify, assess and mitigate risks that may affect achievement of our performance objectives. Senior management is responsible for the implementation of mitigation plans, including those related to prevention of corruption. All allegations of corruption are promptly and thoroughly investigated, and, if verified, reported to senior leadership for disciplinary and corrective action and, where appropriate, to the Audit Committee of Carrier’s Board of Directors. 

Carrier’s commitment to anti-corruption includes the following: 

Corrupt Payments

Carrier conducts all of its business solely on the merits. We will not bribe anyone to obtain or retain business or secure any other advantage, nor allow anyone to do so for our benefit, in any market — public or private — anywhere. As a general rule, employees cannot seek or accept any payments from anyone doing business with or seeking to do business with Carrier. 

Books and Records

A fundamental requirement of the Carrier operating system is the maintenance of fully accurate and transparent books and records. All assets, liabilities and transactions must be promptly and accurately reflected, and no Carrier employee must ever make a deliberately false or misleading entry – no matter how small or immaterial – in our books and records. Carrier maintains a robust audit program to ensure that all of our businesses are upholding these non-negotiable requirements. 

Third-Party Intermediaries

Our third-party intermediaries are subject to similar rules and will be selected after a robust due diligence process aimed at confirming their good business practices. Once on board, they will be trained and monitored. Intermediaries engaged in advocacy and sales on our behalf have limited term contracts (not to exceed four years), which cannot be renewed without a refreshed assessment. 


Every Carrier employee receives annual ethics and compliance training reflective of the results of regular compliance risk assessments. Most employees, including new employees, have access to our online training program where they complete foundational ethics and compliance certifications and training courses. Employees receive periodic anti-corruption refresher training if they hold a position that presents a higher level of corruption risk.

Reporting and Investigations

In managing risk, Carrier is conservative and data-driven. We use this data for continuous improvement and risk reduction. 

In standing by our principles and complying with our Code of Ethics and company policies, we fight corruption and support the global development of fair markets. Our success relies on abiding by our core values – regardless of what might be seen as customary or acceptable in a given market.