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Adhering to our Code of Ethics

At Carrier we aim to be world-class in everything we do – including our compliance with all laws and regulations and our Code of Ethics, which applies everywhere we do business. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that Carrier’s business is conducted in compliance with these laws and with Carrier’s Code of Ethics.

The reputation and success of Carrier ultimately depends not only upon the individual actions of our employees, but on the actions of the many parties with whom we do business. Accordingly, we expect our employees and our business partners to act at all times in a manner consistent with the values set forth in our Code of Ethics. 

Beyond requiring us to comply with the law, our Code of Ethics demands that we aspire to do the right thing and to refrain from unethical or immoral conduct even when it may be permitted under the applicable law. We encourage employees and third parties to report Ethics and Compliance issues.

Speak Up
Carrier’s Speak Up program offers multiple communication channels for reporting of actual, suspected or potential violations of our Code of Ethics through a single platform accessible via a toll-free number or web submission. Both options allow for the anonymous reporting of such concerns.
Global Ethics & Compliance Office

Carrier World Headquarters
ATTN: Global Ethics & Compliance Office
13995 Pasteur Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

Enterprise Risk Management

Carrier’s Enterprise Risk Management program identifies and assesses risks that may present obstacles to Carrier’s achievement of its strategic objectives and designs and implements measures to mitigate the impact of such risks.  Senior management is responsible for the implementation of mitigation plans, including those related to compliance risks.

Compliance Initiatives

Carrier faces a wide range of business and compliance risks, including those associated with corruption, competition law, data privacy, product integrity and international trade compliance.   

Reports of violations of law, Carrier’s Code of Ethics or Carrier Policy are investigated thoroughly, fairly and impartially with the objective of identifying actions for continuous improvement.  Significant violations are reported to senior leadership and, where appropriate, the Audit Committee of Carrier’s Board of Directors.  Furthermore, every Carrier employee receives annual ethics and compliance training reflective of the results of Carrier’s Enterprise Risk Program. Most employees, including new employees, have access to our online training program where they complete foundational ethics and compliance certifications and training courses.

Carrier’s commitment to compliance includes, but is not limited to, the following: 


Carrier conducts all of its business solely on the merits. We will not bribe anyone to obtain or retain business or secure any other advantage, nor allow anyone to do so for our benefit, in any market — public or private — anywhere.  In standing by our principles and complying with our Code of Ethics and company policies, we fight corruption and support the global development of fair markets. Our success relies on abiding by our core values – regardless of what might be seen as customary or acceptable in a given market.

Competition Law

Competition fosters better products and services, driving Carrier to be more efficient and more innovative. Regardless of where we do business, anti-competitive activities are always a violation of our core values. We compete vigorously and legally, not only because it’s good for our business and reputation, but because it’s the right thing to do.  Each employee of Carrier, no matter what position he or she holds, is responsible to ensure Carrier compliance with applicable competition laws.

Data Privacy

Carrier values and respects the privacy of the people from whom it collects, processes, or transfers personal data. We take appropriate steps to safeguard personal data under our control from unauthorized access, misuse, impermissible disclosure, alteration, or unauthorized destruction. Carrier discloses personal data only to employees and third parties having a legitimate business need to know, as permitted by applicable law, and under appropriate legal and contractual restrictions.

Product Integrity

Carrier will not compromise the safety or quality of our products and services.  Our proactive product integrity programs assure that Carrier customers receive products and services that meet or exceed all applicable requirements.

International Trade Compliance

Carrier is subject to a diverse and complex set of international trade laws and regulations governing the international movement of our products, technical data, software and services.  Such laws and regulations include export controls, economic sanctions and embargoes, import controls, and U.S. antiboycott requirements that are used by national governments and supranational bodies throughout the world to safeguard national security, prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, support foreign policy objectives, protect economic security interests, and ensure health, safety and other standards.  Carrier is committed to conducting business in full compliance with all international trade laws and regulations.

Transparency in Coverage Rule

This link leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.