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Our suppliers are a critical part of the global Carrier team. From their innovation to their commitment to quality, our suppliers work with us every day to meet and exceed the needs of our customers’ and enable us to achieve our goals in operational excellence.

Supplier Excellence

At Carrier, we count on our suppliers to meet the same high standards for quality, delivery, cost and customer satisfaction that we place on ourselves.

If you are currently a Carrier supplier we encourage you to reach out to your supply chain contact to learn more about the Supplier Excellence program.

Carrier Excellence Preferred Supplier Criteria


Field escapes for the last 12 months

≤ 2

Factory escapes for the last 12 months

Satisfy all Carrier Alliance requirements

≥ 98%

On-time delivery for the last 12 months

Carrier Alliance

Carrier Alliance is our supplier-focused program that optimizes the Carrier supply chain by strengthening and lengthening our relationships with our most valued and strategic suppliers. Representing the best of the best, a select group that shares our expansive geographic reach, breadth of offering, focus on quality and cost excellence, and commitment to diversity and sustainability, suppliers participating in the Carrier Alliance program benefit from increased recognition, participation in roadmap alignment and the designation of Supplier Excellence Preferred status.

Carrier Alliance Criteria and Benefits

Supplier Diversity

Our supplier diversity initiatives are focused on establishing relationships with qualified suppliers that fall into the diverse categories as defined. Developing these relationships not only brings value to our company, but also to our communities. At Carrier, we are committed to supplier diversity and recognize it as an essential part of our success.

Supplier Resources