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At Carrier, our diverse employees are our greatest strength and source of innovation as we work as one team toward a common purpose – united by The Carrier Way.

Inclusion and Diversity

At Carrier, our greatest strength is the diversity of our people and their ideas. We work hard to build a culture where all employees are valued and everyone feels included. We have a robust talent acquisition process to attract talent from the diverse, global marketplace, and we foster an inclusive culture that drives employee engagement, retention, teamwork and innovation. We also contribute to the communities where we live and do business by actively partnering with community and philanthropic organizations locally and nationally.


Carrier is committed to a workplace that is truly and genuinely inclusive, one that inspires and encourages everyone to bring their authentic selves to work, every single day. Our ultimate goal is simple – we want each and every Carrier employee to feel like they _belong.

In Our Workforce

As a global company we seek to recruit, develop and promote our employees around the world valuing cultural differences, varied perspectives, background and experiences. We believe inclusion and diversity is a source of innovation.

We foster an inclusive culture that drives employee engagement, retention, teamwork and innovation. And we’re proud to say that our efforts to build a diverse workforce are yielding results: since 2015, we’ve successfully increased our percentage of female executives, executives of color and professionals of color.




Global Executive Diversity*



Global Women Executives



U.S. People of Color Executives



U.S. People of Color Professionals



* Global women and U.S. People of Color.

Women in Leadership Roles

Paradigm for Parity

We recognize the impact of a diverse leadership team on our performance, and we believe women must have equal opportunities to grow and lead. That’s why we proudly support Paradigm for Parity, a coalition of business leaders dedicated to addressing the corporate leadership gender gap.

The coalition is made up of CEOs, senior executives, founders, board members and business academics who are committed to achieving a new norm in the corporate world: one in which women and men have equal power, status and opportunity. The ultimate goal is to achieve gender parity in senior leadership roles by 2030.

ELEVATE Women in Leadership

Aligned with our commitment to Paradigm for Parity, Carrier's ELEVATE program places a unique focus on women aspiring to leadership roles. This year-long program engages dedicated executive sponsors, provides global cross-business unit networking, and uses assessments, training, and executive coaching to immerse participants in high impact growth and development.

In Our Communities

We contribute to the communities where we live and do business by actively partnering with community and philanthropic organizations locally and nationally. We believe in “doing the right thing” and are a respected member of the communities in which we operate.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

We are committed to creating an environment where all employees can be themselves and share ideas openly. Carrier is dedicated to the needs of each employee and proactively works towards delivering an inclusive environment in the workplace. We see worldwide Employee Resource Groups as a way to make our global employment brand come to life. Great ideas have the power to change the world — and the next great idea can come from anyone and anywhere. Through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), our employees will have the opportunity to lead and create grassroots efforts to solve problems and enhance our position in the marketplace.

Our Flex Work Philosophy

Carrier introduced a new flex work philosophy based on The Carrier Way – and with it, a new way of working called worX.

Carrier’s flex work philosophy is rooted in four key tenets to reflect the critical balance needed to achieve a flexible, outcomes-oriented culture:

  • Flexibility Matters. Work and life are dynamic, and flex work should be, too. 
  • Place Matters. Our Carrier locations are the places where we come together to create a community, and we value the in-person moments of being together. 
  • Team Matters. We recognize that work is a team sport, and we win and grow together. 
  • Outcomes Matter. We understand our goals, and we achieve results with accountability.

WorX: Our New Work Norm

Work, life and flex work are all dynamic. That’s why Carrier launched worX. With a name that blends work and flexibility, worX is a trust-based approach to flexibility that combines empowerment and accountability. Employees whose responsibilities allow for remote work can do so 20-25% in a year – in alignment with Carrier’s flex work philosophy.

Employees seeking additional flexibility options can request consideration through Carrier’s Alternative Work Arrangement Policy.

May be subject to location regulation or bargaining / consultation requirement.

Lifelong Learning

The world of work continues to evolve and we do, too. Learning never ends at Carrier and our commitment to invest in our people helps us make modern life possible.

Learning and development is core to Carrier’s culture — a culture that provides employees with the knowledge and experience they need to achieve ever-higher levels of performance in everything they do. Our employees have a reputation for innovative thinking, always aiming for the biggest improvements and the best solutions. They provide the innovative spark that moves us forward.

Building Your Career

Learning at Carrier spans the full lifecycle of a career and occurs both formally and informally. Confidence spurs us to take prudent risks, to experiment, to cooperate with each other and, always, to learn from the results of our actions. The possibilities are limitless. Employees can advance their careers through new opportunities across our business units, in our many functional disciplines and throughout the geographic regions where we do business. A network of people, systems and processes guide them as they explore their options.

Building Your Skills

We work toward continuous improvement in everything we do, as a company and as individuals. We invest in you, so we can grow together.

Sharing of best practices and building business networks to tap into knowledge across the corporation are embedded in our learning methodologies. Each year our employees complete thousands of hours of training through internal training programs, web-based eLearning, virtual classrooms and external seminars. A common, global Learning Portal connects employees with opportunities to enhance their skills in areas such as leadership, ethics and job- or function-specific programs.