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Chubb Awarded Contract to Supply Fire Extinguishers to Hoyer Petrolog UK

Chubb was recently awarded a major contract with Hoyer Petrolog U.K. Ltd., a leading supplier of transport and logistics to the petroleum industry, to provide and service nearly 1,000 Chubb FX fire extinguishers.

The contract is to provide Hoyer’s fleet of 390 Petroleum and Bitumen tankers, and 342 vehicles with fire extinguishers from the Chubb FX range, which Chubb will service and maintain for the duration of the three-year contract. The fleet services 21 client locations across the UK, predominately operating from oil refineries and terminals.

As a major carrier of hazardous goods, Hoyer makes safety its number one operational priority in order to protect its employees, customers, partners and the general public.

Peter Ellison, Head of Fleet Services at Hoyer Petrolog UK, explained that fire safety is a critical part of both the company and its clients’ safety requirements. “We need a highly robust model of fire extinguisher that will stand up to the rigors of being removed from its storage box on a daily basis,” he said.  During the first service visits, Chubb service engineers will be replacing all trailer fire extinguishers. “This gives us confidence that we will not suffer any unnecessary downtime waiting for replacement extinguishers. We are confident that we have chosen the right provider.”

The Chubb FX range provides quick-release mechanisms and ergonomically redesigned handles, levers and hose grips for intuitive activation and delivery of the highest performance when people or property are at risk. These features have improved fire safety ratings, and the entire range has been designed for environmental safety and end-of-life recycling.

“Chubb was able to provide exactly what we were looking for in terms of the product, a national quick-response service coverage and an all-inclusive, fixed-price contract package,” said Ellison. “This package covers service visits, replacements and damage, and is delivered through a contract management system which uses key performance indicators to monitor the performance of the extinguishers and Chubb servicing, as well as highlighting areas for improvement.”