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Chubb Champions Future Designs to Support Independent Living

Students at the Glasgow School of Arts are competing to design a new personal alarm to protect elderly and vulnerable people in a competition created and sponsored by Chubb.

David Hammond, General Manager of Chubb’s Community Care business, says that Chubb conceived the competition to complement the work of its own design engineers: “We are constantly looking at new and improved ways of enhancing the safety and quality of life for those in independent living facilities,” he said.

“Encouraging students in this way reflects our proven support to the local community where our systems are widely used. It also demonstrates our commitment to nurturing and promoting innovation among the next generation of talented young designers.”

For the challenge, students were divided into five groups and tasked with designing a pendant, worn around the neck or wrist, enabling the wearer to generate an alarm if they are in distress. The students took a user-lead approach, rather than manufacturer- or provider-lead, by working with the current users of the technology, their carers and other professionals to get input on the design and functionality of the pendant. 

“What the pendant looks like, where it is worn, and how an alarm signal is transmitted is up to the students’ imagination and creativity,” Hammond continued.

“There are no boundaries; we want them to think about how they can create a device that is practical in its use and application, that does not make the users feel self-conscious, and that enables users to enjoy a better quality of life.”

The winning group will receive £250 for each team member. Smaller prizes are awarded for second and third places.

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