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Chubb Fire & Security Announces Single Brand in the UK and Ireland

Chubb Fire & Security has merged its separately branded businesses in the UK and Ireland to deliver a richer and more streamlined  experience for its customers nationwide.

Chubb businesses, such as Chubb UK, Chubb Ireland, Chubb Systems and Chubb Mechanical, will now be known as Chubb Fire & Security. Having grown both organically and by acquisition over the last five years, Chubb is now one of the country’s premier providers of security, fire safety and monitoring solutions, and response services to meet a range of business needs. The launch of one single customer-facing brand will manage that growth in a way that simplifies the process for its customers while enhancing the company’s valuable offerings.

“Chubb is known for different things by different people and always as a brand they can trust,” said Simon Quillish, Managing Director, Chubb Fire & Security. “There is an opportunity for us to educate our customers on our full range of products, services and capabilities, and explain the multiple ways we can help improve their security and fire safety, however complex the challenge or environment.

“By bringing our comprehensive suite of businesses together as one, we can better harness the resources and expertise from an established business, and deploy that expertise to our customers’ advantage.”