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Chubb Helps Ensure Fire Safety at West Cornwall Pasty Co.

Chubb has renewed a nationwide contract with the West Cornwall Pasty Co. to service and maintain its fire safety equipment, helping to protect employees, customers and property.

Under the contract, which covers all of the chain’s high street and rail station outlets, Chubb will test and service fire alarms and detectors, extinguishers, fire blankets and emergency lighting and make recommendations for new equipment as required. Fire safety is paramount to the West Cornwall Pasty Co., as its sites contain a wide range of electrical equipment, including ovens, hot plates, kettles, coffee machines and air-conditioning units.

Lydia Sanderson, head of retail, West Cornwall Pasty Co, chose Chubb, for its reliability, knowledge and efficiency. Chubb has installed and serviced fire safety equipment for the pastry chain for more than 10 years.

“It is critical that we pass all of our audits, especially for our rail station outlets where the legislation surrounding health and safety is extensive. Failing an audit can mean being shut down for 20 days or more, so we couldn’t put a price on the efficient, proactive and flexible service we receive from Chubb,” Sanderson said. “Chubb is flexible with our ever-changing servicing schedules, and our account manager offers fast and appropriate solutions. I don’t need to double-check the work carried out; it is a given that it will be to the standards required.”

The West Cornwall Pasty Co. launched in 1998, and now has 35 locations across the U.K. The company makes all of its pasties in Falmouth, West Cornwall, and bakes all pasties fresh in the individual outlets.