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Det-Tronics Enhances its X3301 Multispectrum Infrared Flame Detector

Increased field-of-view, identification for more fuel types, longer range provide hazardous sites greater safety

The X3301 multispectrum infrared flame detector from Det-Tronics, already a leading flame detector in fire protection, now has certification for the industry’s greatest field-of-view protection, the longest detection range, and third-party approval for detecting the greatest number of fuel types, following recent enhancements. Det-Tronics, the global leader in fire- and gas-safety systems, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

The enhancements strengthen the X3301’s coverage in three ways: detection distance, detection area and detection of more fuel sources. The X3301 has industry-leading third-party certification to 81 meters (265 feet) on-axis for n-heptane — more than 25 percent farther than previous versions. It is certified to respond to a 0.3-by-0.3 meter (1-by-1 foot) n-heptane fire in as fast as three seconds, and has the widest level of coverage across all supported fuel types, exceeding the NFPA 72 requirements for on- and off-axis detection, also known as field-of-view. It is also SIL 2 Capable and performance certified to FM 3260 with the broadest range of fuels including n-heptane, gasoline, kerosene, isopropanol, diesel, methanol, xylene, toluene, methane, propane, ethylene, butane, Jet-A, JP-5, JP-8, and Class A, or paper.

In addition, the X3301 flame detector’s patented detection algorithm, heated optics and signal processing features continue to ensure excellent false alarm rejection. The X3301 flame detector conducts automatic fail-safe checks every 60 seconds with its Optical Integrity (oi®) function. This stringent test verifies the device’s optics operation. The X3301, now more than ever, provides high levels of protection for a wide range of hazardous applications, and is a proven performer able to reach distances where detectors may have previously gone blind.

“We are proud to offer an improved solution that addresses the need for reliable multi-fuel fire detection at greater distances,” said Charles Hoff, product manager, Det-Tronics. “The X3301 is also easy to install and maintain, reducing total operational costs without sacrificing site safety. The enhanced X3301 improves safety performance in a broader array of challenging industrial applications.”

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About Det-Tronics
Det-Tronics is the global leader in fire- and gas-safety systems, providing premium flame- and gas-detection and hazard-mitigation systems for high-risk processes and industrial operations. The company designs, builds, tests and commissions SIL 2 Capable flame- and gas-safety products that range from conventional panels to fault-tolerant, addressable systems that are globally certified. Det-Tronics is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide. For more information, visit