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Carrier Celebrates 150 Years of Edwards
Edwards is celebrating its 150th anniversary – an incredible milestone for the Carrier Fire & Security company, dedicated to being at the forefront of technology and making the world a safer place through protecting people and property. Edwards’ admirable focus on safety and innovation has enabled it to endure and thrive through decades of society and innovation.
A century and a half ago, four years before Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone and a full seven years before the first electric streetlamps illuminated the sidewalks of Paris, Robert Edwards and David Rousseau launched Edwards and Company to explore the potential of electricity. The company evolved and grew quickly, buoyed by early successes, including the invention of the electric doorbell and burglar alarm, that signaled its future direction. By 1896, Edwards had focused its activities to the design and manufacture of signaling, communications and protection equipment, and the company we know today was taking form. In the years since, Edwards innovations are part of iconic installations around the world ranging from government buildings to the New York Stock Exchange and beyond into submarines and oil rigs. People today, around the world, trust their safety in the technological innovations of Edwards.
Throughout its history, Edwards has demonstrated a consistent and ever-advancing culture of innovation in service of safety – and that culture is as strong today as it has ever been. The solutions Edwards offers as part of Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program are a natural evolution of the work that started a century and a half ago, and the company’s innovations in digital technologies and remote access have been and will continue to be instrumental to return-to-work strategies and a functional post-pandemic world.