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Carrier Employees Volunteer with Global Youth Robotics Organization FIRST to Empower Students in STEM
Carrier is dedicated to inspiring young, talented minds through STEM education by supporting FIRST®, a global youth robotics organization.
In addition to grants provided to employees who lead FIRST teams locally, in 2023, Carrier announced increased collaboration with the organization, with support of regional competitions, equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and FIRST programs internationally.
Bridget Sheriff, VP of Engineering Refrigeration, served as a judge and gave an opening speech at the Regional FIRST Robotics Competition in South Florida. 

Earlier this year, Carrier employees participated in a variety of activities including volunteering as judges, speaking at opening ceremonies and manning educational booths at regional competitions in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, New York, and North Carolina. Carrier also provided support at global challenges in India and Poland.
A team of Carrier volunteers with students at the Regional FIRST Robotics Competition in New York. 
“Carrier employees serve as mentors and role models by engaging with students in STEM robotics programs,” said Hakan Yilmaz, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer, Carrier. “Not only do they share their expertise through these experiences, but they empower the next generation of engineers, programmers and innovators with the skills they need to one day shape the future of our industry.”
In April, two Carrier employee-led teams earned their way into the 2024 FIRST Championship in Houston to compete in front of 50,000 attendees. Dedicating countless hours of their personal time leading up to the championship to help the students grow individually and professionally, the teams placed 26th and 31st, with 1,015 teams and approximately 18,600 students from 58 countries participating in the overall global competition.
“Generous support from FIRST sponsors like Carrier make our programs possible,” said Chris Rake, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of FIRST. “The commitment of Carrier employees to inspiring our students helps them explore their passions and pathways, all while receiving valuable mentorship and enjoying the thrill of competition and teamwork along the way.”
Carrier Staff Engineer Laura Moore and a student team at the 2024 FIRST Championship in Texas. 
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