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Carrier Named a 2024 CSO Award Winner for Its Cybersecurity Program
Carrier was recently named a 2024 CSO Award winner by Foundry’s CSO. This prestigious honor is bestowed upon organizations implementing security projects and initiatives demonstrating outstanding business value and thought leadership.
Carrier’s Cybersecurity team, under the leadership of Matt Harless, Chief Information Security Officer, was named a winner for its Cybersecurity Awareness Program, combining Security Awareness with industry-leading cybersecurity tools, and proactive Threat Intelligence and Hunt efforts. Launched in 2020 to protect its workforce from the latest cybersecurity threats, this is the seventh industry award and fourth consecutive CSO award for Carrier’s Security Awareness Program.
Carrier’s commitment to cybersecurity is reflected in the success of its award-winning project, “The People, the Tools, the Hunt: A Collaborative Approach to Enterprise Phishing Defense”.
“Leveraging Cyber Threat Intelligence and Hunt capabilities to enhance our Security Awareness program lets us proactively adjust our campaigns to reflect real threats and reduce risk to our company and customers,” said Matt Harless, Chief Information Security Officer, Carrier.
While cybersecurity tools block thousands of phishing attacks every day, many evade these tools. Carrier’s users, known as the Enterprise Defenders, help identify these threats and report them to the Carrier Security Operations Center. Carrier’s Threat Intelligence and Hunt team then investigates these reports.
“Carrier’s Enterprise Phishing Defense program is an efficient combination of people, processes and technologies, which work effectively together to combat the threat of phishing,” said Thuy Tran-Korns, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Carrier. “Our users appreciate the monthly recognition certificates they receive when they report a real threat. It encourages them to be always vigilant.”
Award winners will be recognized at the CSO Conference & Awards event in October.