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Carrier Supports Global Cooling Pledge at COP28
Recognizing sustainable cooling solutions are critical to tackling climate change, Carrier, global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions, today joins governments and organizations in support of the Global Cooling Pledge, launched at COP28 in Dubai. As secular trends like climate change and a growing middle class increase the demand for HVAC and refrigeration products, the need for a unified and robust response to the global cooling challenge is in sharper focus. Considering that 40% of a building’s energy consumption comes from its HVAC system1, HVAC has a critical role to play.
Led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)’s Cool Coalition, the pledge raises international cooperation through collective targets for reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency and climate-friendly approaches to cooling and increasing access to sustainable cooling for the vulnerable. According to UNEP, over 1 billion people are at high risk from extreme heat due to a lack of cooling access – the vast majority in Africa and Asia.  
The pledge emphasizes that coordinated, international action on cooling is necessary to help limit global warming. Achieving the targets set in the Global Cooling Pledge would cut GHG emissions by approximately 78 billion tons by 2050. Since 2020, Carrier’s high efficiency and lower global warming potential refrigerant products have helped customers avoid approximately 270 million metric tons of GHG emissions. Carrier is committed to making the world more sustainable, for the good of our planet and generations to come.