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Carrier to Help Create Healthy Homes at Sea
Carrier is collaborating with Storylines on a broad range of solutions to provide comfort, air quality, safety and security solutions on the residential cruise ship MV Narrative. Carrier will provide state of the art HVAC and automation systems that integrate with other shipboard systems and help to deliver healthy, safe, efficient and productive indoor environments – allowing Storylines to meet the revolutionary air quality standards of its Clean Air Program.
"Carrier is among the most reputable HVAC providers in the maritime industry," said Storylines project manager Dr. Paul Read. "The cruise ship industry learned some hard lessons about indoor air quality in the Covid-19 pandemic. As a liveaboard cruise line, we have a unique opportunity to set a new standard so we chose a partner that could help us meet our ambitious goals."
Storylines is also leveraging Carrier’s life safety expertise to deploy leading edge fire safety, security and surveillance solutions on MV Narrative.
  • Onity will be providing electronic door locks for the residential ship allowing residents to unlock their home at sea with ease as they approach the door. These e-Locks feature optimal efficiency and flexibility providing touchless access for credentialed security areas using a secure mobile key on a smartphone. 
  • Autronica will be providing advanced solutions for fire detection and safety management.
  • Marioff will be providing efficient HI-FOG high pressure water mist sprinklers and fire suppression system. These solutions are optimized for cruise ships and are designed according to IMO Safe Return to Port standards and the Marine Equipment Directive (MED).
"Storylines is an innovative new brand and we are pleased to be working closely with them in developing and building their MV Narrative, which will be a unique residence ship," said Rajan Goel, Senior Vice President, Building Solutions Group, Carrier. "Carrier has a long history of providing innovative solutions and services for ships and buildings. We are excited to assist Storylines in providing these solutions to enable healthy homes at sea that are comfortable, safe and secure."
Carrier will also engage with Storylines for its MV Narrative ship to provide consultative design services. 
To learn more about Carrier’s marine solutions, visit, or to learn more about Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program, visit
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