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Carrier Wins 2023 CSO50 Award for Cybersecurity Awareness
Carrier’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Awareness program was recently named a 2023 CSO50 award winner by CSO, a premier security media brand providing insight into business risk leadership. The award recognizes 50 organizations annually for security projects and initiatives.
Carrier’s Cybersecurity team, under the leadership of Matt Harless, Chief Information Security Officer, was named a winner for its Cybersecurity Awareness Program. Launched in 2020 to protect its workforce from the latest cybersecurity threats, this is the sixth industry award and third CSO50 award for the program.
Carrier’s commitment to cybersecurity awareness is reflected in the success of its award-winning project, The Effectiveness of Phishing Competitions. The latest competition features over 4,100 participants from over 100 countries.
“Cybersecurity is not just about implementing the latest tools and technologies. We train our users and protect them as we enable the business,” said Matt Harless, Chief Information Security Officer, Carrier.
The phishing competition helps make the training fun, engaging and realistic.
“The goal of our Security Awareness team is to make cybersecurity training easy to understand and relevant,” said Thuy Tran-Korns, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Carrier. “We encourage our users to take the lessons learned back home to help protect their family and friends.”
Award winners will be recognized at the annual CSO50 Conference + Awards in October.