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Carrier Donates OptiClean Units to Syracuse City School District

The nurse’s offices in the Syracuse City School District now have an additional tool in their arsenal to help keep staff and students safe with the addition of Carrier’s OptiClean air scrubber. 
Carrier recently donated 33 of the OptiClean units for placement in the nurse’s offices throughout the district’s school buildings. The portable units pull in air from the room, which then passes through a series of filters to remove many contaminants. The cleaner, fresher filtered air is then recirculated back into the room, helping to reduce contaminants in the air and offering further protection. Launched in early 2020, Carrier OptiClean has served hospital rooms, nursing homes, classrooms, dental offices and more across the country. 
“We are pleased to have Carrier’s OptiClean air scrubbers in our nurse’s offices throughout the district,” said Jaime Alicea, Syracuse City Schools Superintendent. “These units are part of a comprehensive mitigation strategy in our school system to help protect students, teachers and staff.”
At the onset of the pandemic, Carrier invented OptiClean as a negative air machine for hospitals treating COVID-19 patients to help protect caregivers, workers, and patients. OptiClean can plug into standard wall outlets and has a footprint of less than three square feet. The units will run throughout the entire school day to help improve the indoor air quality in the district’s nurse’s offices. The Syracuse City School District educates more than 21,000 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. 
OptiClean is one of a number of solutions offered through Carrier's Healthy Buildings Program, an expanded suite of advanced solutions to help deliver healthier, safer, more efficient and productive indoor environments. Learn more about our offerings here.