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Carrier Introduces First VRF Rooftop System at AHR Expo

Building on Carrier’s legacy of innovation, Carrier introduced the all-new Toshiba Carrier Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Rooftop system at this year’s AHR Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. Designed to help optimize energy efficiency and deliver ideal comfort, the system is the first rooftop product line specifically designed using VRF technology.

The VRF Rooftop is ideal for school buildings, strip malls, shopping plazas, open office spaces, churches and buildings with structure load requirements. Featuring a light-weight design, the VRF Rooftop minimizes down time during rooftop replacements and reduces installation costs. The technology is also equipped with air economizer capabilities that help with building codes and standards compliance.

"The all-new Toshiba Carrier VRF Rooftop is a pioneer in the industry, having been specifically designed using VRF technology, and we are excited to offer our customers continued innovation in the rooftop segment with this unique VRF integration," said Meredith Emmerich, managing director, Ductless & VRF Carrier.