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Carrier Transicold Donates 1,000 Pounds of Bananas on Banana Lover’s Day

Did you know that bananas are the world’s number one fruit export? More than 15 million metric tons of bananas are transported globally each year. In celebration of the much-loved fruit on its special day, Banana Lover’s Day, Carrier Transicold donated 1,000 pounds of bananas to Feeding South Florida.

The food bank, near Carrier world headquarters, is a part of Feeding America, a nonprofit organization that received volunteer support, contributions and Carrier Transicold equipment to help food banks. These efforts help combat hunger and reduce food waste around the world.

Carrier’s Refrigeration business makes it possible for fruit and other perishables to be shipped globally preserving and protecting the world’s supply of food. In addition to creating industry-leading refrigeration units, Carrier is committed to contributing innovative technologies focused on building a more sustainable cold chain.

“Carrier’s support of Feeding South Florida represents the positive impact that corporations can have in their communities. It’s great to have industry-specific support of our operations and facilities,” said Sari Vatske, vice president of community relations, Feeding South Florida.

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