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At Carrier, integrity is core to our culture.

Our Board of Directors, Executive Leadership Team and corporate policies guide our actions and hold our entire organization to the highest ethical standards. The Vice President of Government Relations (VP GGR), oversees and coordinates the activities of Carrier and RU representatives based in Washington D.C. and other offices performing activities bearing on Carrier’s legislative, regulatory and policy interests.

Carrier engages in political activity and public policy advocacy on issues that impact Carrier’s business whether at the local, state or federal level in the United States or with foreign governments and international governmental organizations. Carrier believes that participating in the legislative and regulatory process helps protect customers, employees and businesses, and is an important part of responsible corporate citizenship.

Carrier believes in the value of transparency, accountability, and active participation in policy conversations to further the interests of our company and its stakeholders. You can review the Company’s relations procedures and requirements for political activities here.



Carrier complies with the requirements of the Lobbying Disclosure Act as well as all state requirements. The Vice President of Government Relations, under supervision of Carrier's Board of Directors in accordance to the audit committee charter ensures timely and accurate reporting of all lobbying activity.

Carrier and its external lobbyists file lobbying disclosure reports with the United States Congress, which are available here. These reports include full lists of federal lobbyists and the issues on which they lobbied. Filings made directly by Carrier dates back to when Carrier became an independent, publicly traded company in 2020 are also provided below.

Carrier Political Action Committee (PAC)

Carrier PAC, which is entirely funded by voluntary contributions, is non-partisan. It contributes to candidates and national political organizations supportive of Carrier’s corporate business interests and public policy goals, regardless of political party. The bylaws of Carrier PAC provide basic organizational material and incorporate Federal Election Commission regulations. A Steering Committee meets bi-annually to review candidates and approve contributions. For more information on the factors in deciding the timing and amount of contributions to candidates, click here.


2023 ESG Report, sustainable change, targeting net-zero greenhouse gas emissions,  Carrier’s 2023 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Report


Inspiring confidence in a better future. Read our 2023 Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Report to find out how.

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We believe in transparent and open communications with investors. We regularly engage with our shareowners on our financial performance, governance, strategy, and ESG performance and practices.

Corporate Social Initiatives

Carrier Sustainability, Sustainable Environment, Environment Sustainability, Carrier Sustainable Commitment, Sustainable Solutions


How we design, build and operate has profound implications for our planet. We lead the way in developing solutions and technologies that reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. And we are committed to accelerating the development of smart, sustainable and efficient solutions that address our planet’s most complex challenges.

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Social Impact

We are a company of innovators and problem-solvers who are united by The Carrier Way – our vision, values and culture. As we innovate to address the planet’s most complex challenges, making a positive impact in our communities around the world is core to our purpose.

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Our corporate governance provides the framework for building a culture of integrity and ethical behavior everywhere we do business. Our Board of Directors, Executive Leadership Team and corporate policies guide our actions and govern the relationships among employees and with our customers and communities.