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Carrier Celebrates Earth Day
Carrier continues to demonstrate progress in its zero waste to landfill journey, and in celebration of Earth Day, announced that our world headquarters, the Center for Intelligent Buildings in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, achieved zero waste to landfill certification.
Third-party certification showed more than 99% landfill diversion of all waste through alternative management methods, including source reduction and reuse, recycling, energy recovery and chemical and physical treatments.
The Center for Intelligent Buildings is Carrier’s seventh location globally to earn this designation, with many more on the horizon. Earlier this year, Carrier announced its HVAC manufacturing facility in Charlotte, North Carolina had achieved zero waste to landfill certification. In 2021, Carrier’s HVAC manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, Indiana became the first Carrier site to achieve the designation. These are in addition to designations earned at Carrier sites in New Hampshire, Oregon, Tennessee and Mexico.
“Carrier continues to lead the way with policies, processes and practices to create safer and more sustainable environments for people and our planet,” said Luke Tow, Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety, North America, Carrier. “We look forward to continuing to implement this total waste management approach in Carrier’s other global facilities to further reduce our environmental impact.”
Carrier’s 2030 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals for its operations include carbon and water neutrality, a 10% reduction in energy intensity and zero waste to landfill across all its manufacturing operations.
“Whether Earth Day, Earth Month or any day of the year, we create impactful and leading climate solutions that benefit our customers, employees and our planet,” said Jennifer Anderson, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Business Development & Chief Sustainability Officer.
Carrier plays a vital role in helping address climate change with digitally enabled lifecycle solutions and innovative technologies that create sustainable outcomes across its operations and for customers globally. From helping to reduce the carbon footprint of its customers by more than 1 gigaton by 2030 to electrifying truck trailer products for zero direct emissions, Carrier is committed to protecting the planet.
To learn more about Carrier’s 2030 ESG goals, visit
Employees at Carrier’s world headquarters, the Center for Intelligent Buildings in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, celebrate the zero waste to landfill certification. This is Carrier’s seventh location globally to earn this designation. 
Heritage Interactive Services presented Carrier with an award recognizing zero waste to landfill certification for the Center for Intelligent Buildings.