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Carrier’s Collaboration with The Nature Conservancy Helps to Restore Our Earth
In 2020, Carrier announced a $3 million multiyear commitment to The Nature Conservancy, supporting its Build Healthy Cities initiative, to help cities become more resilient and sustainable. This Earth Day, Carrier is celebrating the amazing progress The Nature Conservancy has made thus far with Carrier’s support, in helping to Restore our Earth™ the theme of this year’s Earth Day.  
Throughout the world, Carrier is supporting projects that combine manmade and natural infrastructure to create healthier, more climate resilient communities. In Florida, home of Carrier’s world headquarters, the company is supporting the restoration of nearly 200 acres of shoreline, to help protect the coastal community from sea level rise and storm surge. In Monterrey, Mexico, Nature Conservancy staff and volunteers restored an area that provides water to Monterrey’s growing population by conserving or reforesting 35 hectares of land. In Shanghai, China, Carrier’s support is helping to protect the Yangtze River by restoring 330 hectares for water conservation, while also making nature more accessible for the city’s 24 million residents through the creation of habitat gardens.   
As living rooms became classrooms in 2020, Carrier’s support of Nature Lab, an online education platform, helped students across six continents learn how to mitigate the impacts of climate change in their own communities through virtual field trips, videos and curriculum. 
“We’re proud of the impact achieved by The Nature Conservancy in our first year support and the progress made in improving climate resiliency in our local communities,” said Kori Recalde, Senior Director, Social Impact, Carrier.  
This year, Carrier continues to fund these projects as well as support projects in communities where employees live and work. Near Indianapolis, Indiana, Carrier will support a project to improve 10 nature preserves with parking, trail and sign upgrades.  
Carrier has been a leader in the sustainability movement for decades and led the phase-out of ozone-depleting refrigerants, developed many of the world's most energy-efficient heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. Now, through its support of The Nature Conservancy, Carrier is continuing its commitment to sustainability, which spans products, operations, research and employee volunteerism. Read more about Carrier’s 2030 ESG goals here.