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Carrier Global Product Cybersecurity Program​

Products and services manufactured and supported by Carrier are subject to robust secure development and process control requirements that comply with commercially appropriate cybersecurity standards of compliance. The Carrier Way for product security means proactive focus, best practices, comprehensive support and the domain expertise to strengthen and ensure the resiliency and stability of our offerings. Our mission is to ensure the following core strategic outcomes:
  • Products and services that are "Secure by Design"
  • Standards-Based Cybersecurity Governance & Compliance
  • Persistent Vigilance and Continuous Improvement​
  • Customer Mission Success

Thought Leadership​

Carrier works proactively to secure its offerings and enable best outcomes for customers. This requires contributing to and benefiting from our professional community within mutually beneficial strategic alliances and taking positions of industry thought leadership with leading cybersecurity organizations. Carrier is proud to serve as:

Founding Member of the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance
CVE Numbering Authority (CNA)

Our Focus​​

At Carrier, system and operational security is integral. To ensure outcomes, research and development teams leverage Carrier Global Product Cybersecurity – a team of highly experienced and credentialed veterans; diverse and dynamic cybersecurity domain experts who’ve maintained prominent roles and responsibilities in designing, building, and operating highly secure complex systems. ​ 

Carrier Global Product Cybersecurity supports and delivers the strategic, production, operational and commercial cybersecurity-related demands ​of our product cybersecurity stakeholders by fulfilling three core Mission Areas of Operation:

  1. Secure Product Development
  2. Product Security Operations
  3. Cybersecurity Innovation

Secure Product Development

Global Product Cybersecurity Architecture assures and enables mission success during system build by proactively designing systems for security, reducing attack surfaces and continually assessing, managing, improving, and maturing the security posture of Carrier products and services within all appropriate product support and development lifecycle phases. Key Capabilities:​ ​ 

  • Governance, Compliance and Training
  • Security Design, Requirements and Architecture​
  • Cybersecurity Feature and System Development
  • Secure Modeling and Assurance​
  • Cyber Risk Assessment

Product Security Operations​

Global Product Cybersecurity Operations assures and enables post-development mission success by providing advanced cybersecurity testing, integration, secure deployment planning, threat intelligence, incident response, vulnerability publication, and lifecycle support. Key Capabilities:

  • Penetration & Regression Testing​
  • Secure Deployment
  • Product Threat Intel​
  • Advisory and Communications
  • Synergistic Secure Integration
  • Product Security Incident Response

Cybersecurity Innovation​

Global Product Cybersecurity Innovation researches and develops innovative solutions, promotes thought leadership, differentiates offerings, and provides competitive advantages within the cybersecurity domain for Carrier customers by solving complicated problems, driving cybersecurity as a feature, and stimulating advanced and secure technological transformation. Key Capabilities:

  • Advanced Cyber Research and Development
  • Cyber Innovation, Invention, and Service/Product Offerings
  • Product Cybersecurity Standards Compliance & Certification​
  • Competitive Analysis​
  • Channel Support & Market Engagement