When your company accepts a purchase order to sell goods or services to Carrier, or your company delivers goods or services to Carrier pursuant to an order, your company accepts Carrier’s Standard Terms & Conditions of Purchase which are currently in effect in the country where the Carrier site to which you deliver such goods and/or services is located (“Terms & Conditions”). 

To find the specific Terms & Conditions applicable to your company’s sale of goods or services please click on your region below and identify the country in which the Carrier site to which such goods and services will be delivered is located and find a copy of the applicable Terms & Conditions.

Please note that for certain countries multiple versions of the Terms & Conditions are available and which version specifically applies to your sale of goods or services depends on what goods/services you are selling, whether your business is subject to certain regulations and/or the specific Carrier legal entity to whom you are selling. To the extent there are multiple versions of the same Terms & Conditions in different languages, and there is a dispute, the English version shall control unless contrary to applicable law. 

If you have problems accessing these online Terms & Conditions or if you have any questions regarding which version of the Terms & Conditions applies to you, or if you disagree with any of them, please contact the Customer Assistance Center at [email protected] or contact your local Carrier representative prior to accepting, confirming, acknowledging or fulfilling Carrier’s purchase order.